July 18 2014- Hey guys...

August 11 2011- Almost done unpacking, a month after the move we are all getting used to river town life up in westchester... NY has been a second home since fornever... nice to be back fornever.

May 5 2011- We always knew he was quick - but now its legit. Fletcher Jude Salo, the real life Doogie Howser...tested in the top end of the 99.99% way to go buddy!--no idea where you got it from..

March 12 2011- While the vacation from nyc was nice, it felt great to be back. Thanks much to Doan for a place to crash, he is both a gentleman & a scholar.

June 14 2010- Settling into philly- trying to find a bike,crazy many choices..fam is digging philly. still could go for some nyc on weekends..

May 10 2010- Moved to Philadelphia.. shaking the city out of us all, enjoying the rabbits in our yard.

December 19 2009- taken by trees and backing vocals by panda bear=anna.. the anna EP is glorious.

November 5 2009-HoverDogs

October 19 2009- Swine flu? fear no more

September 24 2009- Have Herb Alpert and Quincy Jones on loop with some Moderat for flavor..earballs everywhere rejoice.

September 7 2009- jess found the long lost Omega!! now i just need to send it to mark the watch dr to get it running tip top!

July 13 2009- SharingIsCaring goes live.. so much work to do.

July 8 2009- Had a pretty solid 4th of July weekend.. went to coney island to see the hot dog contest (both awesome and kinda gross after 2 minutes) watched my 2 year old daughter ride the wonder wheel while my son almost got me sick on the rides.. then capped the day watching fireworks off the statue of liberty..

July 1 2009- fueling my ever present addiction to all things chew toy:tea tree tooth picks beat plastic spoons.. hands down.

June 4 2009- the boys recent check list-- 2 lost teeth=check, spending money=check, Mohawk=check, riding bike=check... what a life.

April 4 2009- Maxilla & Mandible=greatest shop ever- bought a dinosaur tooth and a fulgurite!

March 22 2009- Fletcher earned almost every bead possible for tiger cubs in time for the annual blue and gold dinner.. was an honor and a pleasure to attend and watch... not to mention his missing tooth!!

March 20 2009- thanks to chris cox and changethethought for the posting

March 18 2009- thanks to chris e. and ventilate for the posting

March 4 2009- youtube clips used at their finest

March 3 2009- i like pressing buttons

February 13 2009- i live by #21

January 16 2009- New and Improved

January 15 2009- Addicted to Harmonic 33 yet again.. do yourself a favor and pick up some- your earballs will thank you kindly.

December 20 2008- Just got back after 2 long weeks in Morocco-amazing sights, smells and tastes mixed in with intense filming!

November 25 2008- Getting settled in at uvphactory now, solid group.

November 21 2008- Fletcher got his bobcat badge in cub scouts tonight--I had the great honor of pinning it on

November 4 2008- Voted.

October 15 2008- After almost four and a half years and with great consideration it was time to move on from Transistor Studios- thanks to all for the survival kit- (thanks damon for the bottle of jager - memories from the late nights in the earliest of TSNY days!)

September 26 2008- I just went to my son's first cub scout meeting!! Tiger Cubs!

September 21 2008- Normally I just mention things that interest me, but this is getting scary.. anyone else the least bit concerned that our gov just bought our money markets?

September 11 2008- Thanks to Chris and this site for posting some work of mine--now go complain about it!!

September 3 2008- Never posted Fletch's gift--6D batteries worth of Nerf glory firing 3 rounds per second Ok, so it was a gift for both of us..

September 2 2008- Fletcher started 1st grade today.. time flies.

August 12 2008- For some reason-- watching Olympic swimming reminds me of boats.. id give anything for a Hinkley Talaria...

August 2 2008- Today our son turns 6.. Which got me thinking.. Today's Legos are a ton more exciting than when i was little--

July 15 2008- Had a NYC Tourist weekend.. caught a Brooklyn Cyclones game and enjoyed dirty Coney Island.. Real highlight was Governors Island.. A great free visit for both history geeks and those looking for a chance to breathe in crowded NYC--Highly Recommended.

July 10 2008-Don't sound so, like, stupid.

July 3 2008-Q:What makes people beautiful? A: When people are themselves.. if they are happy, they are happy, if they are sad, they are sad... even if they are mad, they are mad -Fletcher Jude Salo age 5

June 25 2008-Added a movies section, posted a few more.. I am realizing it will take me a bit to gather up the work from over the years..

June 21 2008-With the help of indexhibit (Thanks Chris) and Ben Borowski, TheMassacre.tv is starting to resemble an organized site. More work to be posted soon!!

June 17 2008-Big thanks to Mike for posting TM™ on the YWFT blog.